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Mona Shafer EdwardsMona Shafer Edwards is a courtroom artist whose illustrations have been featured on programs and networks such as, 20/20, A&E Biography, ABC, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and in numerous publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and Newsweek. She has illustrated several fashion books including Inside Fashion Design (Prentice Hall), The Complete Book of Fashion Illustration (Prentice Hall), The Fashion Coloring Book (HarperCollins), and The Fashion Handbook (Watson-Guptill). Edwards has also created storyboards and sketch art for feature films and TV commercials. She has taught fashion sketching classes at UCLA and other academic institutions.

Mona Shafer Edwards, Crime & Fashion Illustrator

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CAPTURED! Inside the World of Celebrity TrialsCAPTURED! Inside The World of celebrity Trials

Spellbinding courtroom illustrations of the most talked about trials of the last 25 years are coupled with insider observations and case summaries in this unique collection of poignant moments from infamous cases. Sketches of O. J. Simpson staring passively ahead while a projected image of his battered wife looms behind him and the parade of beautiful call girls present at the Heidi Fleiss trial are brought to life in the 200 vividly colored images. Courtroom commentary from the artist supplements the art from each trial and includes highlights and lowlights, verdict summaries, and reactions to the verdicts from the trial participants. Major and minor celebrities' cases are covered, including those of Clint Eastwood, Snoop Dogg, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Dolly Parton, and Dustin Hoffman.

  • "Brings life to the high-profile trials and court appearances of the rich, famous and infamous that capture the imagination." —Washington Post

  • "Showcas[es] the almost lost form of courtroom art...and add[s] perspective by capturing the emotion of high-profile trials." —Rob Reiner, director

  • "The sketches are a fast, rollercoaster ride through sensational court trials." —Sidney Sheldon, author, The Other Side of Midnight

  • "Mona's artwork captures the essence of the rough-and-tumble justice system." —Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney

  • "There's something train wreck engrossing about the modern art form of courtroom sketches, featured so brilliantly in Captured!" —

  • "Deftly captures those odd moments, filled with dark humor, when a legal proceeding becomes a public obsession." —Buck Wolf,

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Paris Hilton, by Mona Edwards





Anna Nicole Smith, by Mona Edwards






Orenthal James Simpson, by Mona Edwards







Courtney Love, by Mona Edwards




Michael Jackson, by Mona Edwards






This best-selling book gives readers a close look at the fashion industry from the professional designer's viewpoint. It contains clear and comprehensive coverage and excellent illustrations that examine fashion through the decades and trends of the times. KEY TOPICS Each chapter links stylishly updated visual images with relevant concepts. Coverage of the role of computers and digital technology are integrated into every phase of the design and production process .This reference covers business practice, vocabulary, and industry resources. For economic development researchers profiling the apparel industry, reporters who cover the fashion industry, PR and marketing people new to the fashion arena, and lawyers in civil cases related to apparel production and copyright issues.

Fashion Lady, by Mona EdwardsMona has designed several series of fashionable illustrations  for, a major international art- publishing company specializing in fine art posters


After Work, by Mona Edwards



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